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Top Accommodation Provider Is Ready To Cater To Your Needs Here In Samoa

It is an escape to Samoa, which should certainly be on your radar just in case you are overworked and in need of a holiday. The coastal resort located in the Southern Hemisphere is a delight for someone who intends to escape the maddening city rush. It is a visual treat to be at the place and what better with a top Samoa accommodation provider ready to cater to your needs. It is the fear of quality accommodation, which prevents you from going out on a holiday. However, those issues are certainly not a concern anymore here in Samoa. You get the best of accommodation but within a competitive pricing structure.  The strategic location of a top accommodation provider here in Samoa will also be in focus.  You quest to have accommodation near the airport and also within close distance of the Savaii ferry point will certainly be fulfilled. Once your accommodation concerns have been met, you can now enjoy freely.DSC08123


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Get The Best Of Hospitality On Your Next Samoa Holiday From A Top Accommodation Provider

The region of Samoa tucked away in the Southern hemisphere is a delight for a tourist, who is eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The island and the nearby Savaii region should be on the radar of any tourist. Hence, just in case you are overworked and looking for a quick escape, one can plan a Samoa holiday.  It is nice to be there and you will also love to hear that a top accommodation provider in the region is ready to welcome you with the best of hospitality packages. With offers such as home cooked meals, requests for breakfast & dinner, laundry and ironing services, life can certainly be nice once you are into the region enjoying the best of hospitality. Just in case you are here with the family a significant burden on your shoulders is lifted when you get to witness the best of hospitality arrangements here in Samoa. best samoa resorts


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Savor Affordable Tropical Holidays at The Virgin Island of Samoa


Welcome to Samoa, the affordable tropical paradise. Located between its neighbors New Zealand and Hawaii, the virgin island of Samoa is the perfect tropical retreat for those seeking a bit of escape far from the madding crowd of the city, newly married couples, who want to have a romantic and exotic holiday within a budget and of course adventurers, explorers and water sport enthusiasts who want to have a thrilling holiday at a colorful destination in a shoestring budget.

A treasure-house of natural beauty and one of the last vestiges of authentic Polynesian culture, the island of Samoa, has something exciting for tourists of all preferences and inclinations. Samoa is the quintessential tropical getaway, so if you are here to enjoy sun and sands, you will not be disappointed, as there are pristine, white, tropical beaches aplenty. You can just lie back on one of the fales or the traditional Samoan thatched roofed huts and relax like a king, sipping a glass of chilled coconut water.

If you are here to indulge in water sports without a care in the world, you can rejoice and say Viva Aqua Samoa water sports! From enjoying a swimming session in the oceans where you can swim alongside the green and almost extinct Malua turtles, to relishing a wide variety of water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, scuba diving, high risqué surfing etc, you can do it all! You can also enjoy fishing, in both the sparkling turquoise blue ocean waters as well as the famous To Sua Ocean Trench which is a freshwater trench and has a wide and diverse variety of fish.

A trip to Samoa is not complete unless you have had a taste of the quirky but exquisite and delectable Samoan cuisine. One of the best things about Samoan food is that not a drop of oil is used, so foodies out there, who are also health conscious, can really let themselves go! You can now have a taste of the unique Samoan cuisine courtesy of the fiafia nights or celebration nights held at some of the top Samoa resorts. Here a bonfire is lit, and freshly caught produce such as tuna fish and chicken are marinated in lemon juice and coconut cream and grilled in open lava stone ovens known as umu. Then the food is served piping hot with dollops of coconut cream!

There are a few quality and affordable Samoa hotels located near the Samoa airport which provides comfortable and clean Samoa family accommodation at affordable rates. Here you can avail, rooms which are cooled by either fans or the AC according to your budget. These are comfortable and hygienic rooms which come equipped with insect proof windows. You can also enjoy delicious home cooked food for breakfast and dinner. The hotel staff is friendly and helpful, and ready to provide personalised services. These Samoa hotels are located near both the Samoa airport, as well as the ferry center to Savaii. So if you are in a hurry to travel to Savaii and need a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate yourself at a clean and comfortable, yet affordable lodgings, these budget Samoa hotels will be the best option for you.


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Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday in the Best Hotel in Samoa

After  a long arduous  journey, all you need is a place where  you can respite and take a refreshing shower to beat the heat. Surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches coupled with lush green mountains at the background Samoa is a heaven on Earth. The island of Samoa offers you the most beautiful and well suited resorts and hotels where you can spend the day  surfing through the island on a bike or spending a romantic sunset on the sultry beaches of Samoa sipping coconut water. Located within a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal, you are greeted with a warm welcome from the hotel staff who are always at your service. There are wide  range of  accommodation facilities offered which can be classified into Garden Bungalows and  Ocean View Deluxe Room with an ocean view captured from the balcony. Each room is fully furnished with well equipped  fan or air conditioners and hot or cold water showers and fridges. A 24 hour welcome reception unit awaits you along with a small shop for purchasing needy items.

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The scenic beauty and the eternal landscape is so mesmerizing that it  will make you feel like a resident of paradise. If you are a ocean lover then you can dive into the blue ocean on our private jetty and enjoy the gushing waves rejuvenating your body. For small rides there are kayaks available for guests and quick laundry service at request. Since health is wealth, therefore to look into the customer’s dietary needs is of prime concern. If you are looking forward to relish some mouth watering traditional Samoan delicacies then look out for some finest hotels in Samoa who are inviting you for the royal treat of your life. Special home cooked meal are served to the guests keeping in view of the quality and authenticity. Airport Lodge Hotel among  other Samoa resorts and hotels have added another feather to its cap with the introduction of newly formed guest lounge and games room. So now if you intend for a long vacation with your friends and family just book a ticket to an exotic Samoan resort or hotel.


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