The Hospitable Samoa Accommodation is A Complete Package of Comfort and Spiritual Bliss

10 Mar

A tropical island almost forgotten and left unspoiled with the ravages of time, Samoa is an enchanting escapade into a scenery of pristine sea beaches, standing tall coconut trees, turquoise lagoons, dense rain-forests buzzing with wild endangered species of animals and flowers, lovely waterfalls falling down from high cliffs perfect for long dives and last but not the least the utmost calmness and serenity that spreads around the entire area. Within a few distance from the airport you can plan your stay in some of the finest, luxurious and affordable bungalows and deluxe oceanic view hotels that boasts of classic accommodation facilities. So, unpack your luggage and stretch out your arms in a relaxing traditional open walled shelter or fale and soothe your mind and soul with a signature spa treatment called Fruit Body Cocoon.


A trip to Samoa is incomplete without a generous entourage to Apia, the capital city which presents a slice of Samoan culture through its ancient monumental buildings, museums, market places, exquisite natural scenery and above all the lovely Samoan local hospitality. Sway with the tidal waves on a private jetty or simply hire a bike to tour significant locations like Apia flea markets famous for retail therapy. On traditional beach days you can enjoy culinary home cooked delights like palusami, oka, slow cooked lamb or pork or barbequed reef fish or simply play a game of kirikiti (the national sport that resembles cricket) with the locals.

You may also engage in exciting snorkeling and end up your day in enjoyment.Spend quality time with your family observing the round setting sun fading behind the roaring waves. There is no compromise with Samoa accommodation services as well- furnished rooms with insect screens are provided along with the facility of all essential amenities. Guests residing in luxurious bungalows and lodges can feel the air of purity hovering around them and the breathtaking scenic locations which are enough to steal your heart.

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