Bask Under The Samoan Sun This Year!

25 Feb

This summer why not visit the incomparably beautiful and exotic virgin islands of Samoa? The island of Samoa is located right between the neighbouring countries of New Zealand and Hawaii and is a paradise on earth so far as natural beauty is concerned. It has topographical features reminiscent of South Pacific islands, such as dazzling blue skies, sunny weather, pristine white beaches lined with palm trees sparkling turquoise waters which are so crystal clear, you can see your face reflected, vast unexplored tracts of forests teeming with familiar and rare flora and fauna, bright red coral reefs etc. Whatever your past time might me, whether you want to indulge in some water sports and have high risque adventures in the waters like snorkelling, deep sea diving, boating, kayaking etc. Or you can relax at the traditional Samoan retreat- the hut like fale and sip on warm, sweet coconut water and contemplate the beauty around you.


However getting budget Samoa resorts is a big headache for most of the travellers. This is because most of the hotels are concentrated in the Samoan capital city of Apia. If you are feeling jet lagged and do not want to travel all the way to Apia and want an affordable Samoa hotels with feasible rates and which will be comfortable and hygenic, then why not try one of the quality lodges established near the Samoan airport? These hotels are situated conveniently both near the airport as well as the ferry center. They provide a nice, comfortable atmosphere that feels like home. The friendly staff over personalised services and the home cooked food served is nothing short of delicious. You can also have a safe and secure bathing in the warm ocean waters from the private jetty. In short these motels with their dedicated staff will do everything to ensure that you get to have most enjoyable yet affordable holiday at Samoa .

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