Visit Samoa Paradise On Earth This Year

22 Feb

Want to visit paradise on earth? Then you simply must visit a South Pacific island. Imagine palm trees and mimosa tree on a fine, pristine, white beach surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of the sea, and bright sapphire blue skies. You will be gazing awestruck at the sheer abundance of beauty all around you, while relaxing on the traditional Polynesian hut or fale, sipping on warm coconut water. If you want to savor the sublime beauty of a serene South Pacific island, then why not visit the breathtakingly beautiful island of Samoa , this year?


Nestled right between the islands of New Zealand and Hawaii, the virgin island of Samoa, with its pristine beaches, dazzling sapphire blue ocean waters, unexplored rain forests, teeming with diverse varieties of flora and fauna, vividly colored coral reefs and peppered with numerous dormant volcanoes, the virgin island of Samoa has a strikingly beautiful and diverse ecosystem. There is something for every traveller, will suit every preference, whether it is the hiker looking for adventure and exploring the unknown, the tourist who just wants to relax in beaches, or the water babies who want to indulge in various water sports like kayaking, snorkeling and deep sea diving.

If you are a diet conscious person, looking forwards to a holiday where you can shed some pounds alongside of having some fun, you will not be disappointed as Samoan cuisine is never fried but steamed, broiled or roasted . You can gorge in various seasonal fruits such as breadfruit, taro, yams, papayas, Otaheite apples etc. You can also relish fish or meat cooked in traditional umu. Meat or fish is marinated by citrus, onion and few other ingredients, wrapped in leaves and left under hot rocks. Samoan food is delicious and healthy.

However finding affordable hotels in Samoa can be a daunting task as most of the hotels and lodges are concentrated in the capital city of Apia which is at quite a distance from the main island. Jet lagged travelers quite understandably do not want to travel all the way to Apia. If you are feeling exhausted and want a comfortable, hygienic and affordable motel which will provide all amenities within your budget then why not try one of the very few quality hotels situated near the Samoa airport? You get a homely atmosphere, bedrooms which are air conditioned and mosquito proof, delicious home cooked food and safe and secure bathing in ocean waters from a private jetty. But most importantly, this motel is located strategically near the airport as well as the ferry center, so communication to and from the airport will not be an issue.

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