Embark on A Romantic Sojourn to the Tropical Paradise Of Samoa in the Pacific!

18 Feb


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This year why not give your beloved partner a pleasant surprise by taking them on a trip to Samoa? Located in the very heart of the South Pacific Ocean and nestled neatly between the more hyped islands of Hawaii and New Zealand, the virgin island of Samoa is an unexplored treasure chest, waiting to be discovered and explored. Natural beauty abounds in Samoa. Whether it is the bright, sparkling, crystal clear sea which is filled with a rich and thriving marine life and the vividly colored coral reefs,the white pristine beaches, the evergreen rain forests which hosts a multitude of undiscovered flora and fauna, the Samoa holiday, has something for everyone with various preferences of what an ‘’ideal’’ holiday should consist of. Those who are adventurous and amateur explorers can spend their time exploring the virgin rain forests and its wonderful teeming biodiversity. If you are a water baby and cannot get enough of water sports can go kayaking and scuba diving, snorkeling with your partner. After all learning how to perform new exciting things is what rekindles a romance!


If you two want to spend some uber romantic and lovey dovey moments, with eyes only for each other, well…… what can be more romantic than having a silent conversation with each other whilst listening to the gentle sounds of the waves in a beach fale? Fales are small raised huts with thatched roofs and flaps instead of walls. They are the perfect spot to have some uber romantic cuddle or snuggle time! However as most of the hotels are situated in the capital city of Apia, there are very few quality and affordable Samoa accommodation in the island itself. If the two of you are exhausted from jet lag and do not want to travel all the way to Apia and start hotel hunting why not book one of the affordable yet comfortable hotels located near the airport? These hotels which pride themselves on providing a comfortable, clean, hygienic and home like atmosphere to the tourists , complete with delectable home cooked food, classify themselves as quality motels rather than hotels. While not as opulent as the run of the mill five star hotel, they will definitely win you over with their dedicated personalized service. What’s more they are located at a convenient place for tourists who are in a rush as well, as they are situated near the airport and the ferry center as well. So transportation to Savaii or Apia will not be a problem.

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