Hotels in Samoa Capturing the Essence of the Island

29 Jan

A holiday that has got the potential to stand-out and give you something completely new is what a holiday worth spending for. If you work round-the-clock, you naturally would like vacationing at least twice in a year. If you are bored of visiting the same beaches, mountains and cities over and over again, then this year you should definitely let your mind wander and try something adventurous and new instead. Though, there are always numerous unexplored places on the face of the earth that we fail to see in our lifetime, but Samoa island should definitely be witnessed if you are fond of natural greenery, silence and rustic appeal.


There are a few certain things that awaken our senses even today and make us feel alive. The very air of Samoa has that appeal. Lying in a string of island on the Southern Pacific, Samoa along with other island together form Polynesia. The Faleolo airport receives people from neighboring islands as well as from other parts of the world. Once one moves into the land, the real appeal of the place unfurls. Every little thing connected with the deep colours of nature which we do not generally get to experience in the top developed nations of the world, can be witnessed in Samoa. From little fales on the sandy beaches to local dances, the place holds its authenticity and organic appeal at its heart. The warm sunset paints the ocean and the surrounding places in a beautiful ombre shade and Samoa looks beautiful during sunset and sunrise. The real attraction are the ferry rides that one can take from the terminals located close to the sea. After a cool swim in the soothing ocean waters, you can take your family for ferry rides to the neighboring islands namely Apolima, Manono and Savaii. Historical attractions, gardens and adventure spot areas form the other attractions of the place.

local dance form.jpg

Often the main confusion regarding a new place are the accommodations. We often do not understand whether it would be right to look for a place in the inland or that which are on the outskirts. As for tourists who take a 10 hour flight from New Zealand, Australia or even Hawaii might find it extremely taxing and insecure to look for hotels, especially if the flights land late at night. This is why the concept of airport lodges in Samoa has become prominent. There are several such lodges and hotels in Samoa, that are located at just minutes from the airport. These hotels and accommodations have deluxe rooms as well as regular ones designed to offer the comfort that homes offer. They are in a number of ways home away from home. Not only they offer home-cooked meals but also spacious rooms and adequate amenities that would help city dwellers make the most of their holiday. Sea-facing rooms are greatly in demand as the view of the panorama from the hotel room is something absolutely marvelous. So, if you have already started packing your bags for Samoa you should get in touch with these airport lodges that make living splendid and worthwhile throughout your vacation duration.

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