Have A Relaxing & Affordable Holiday At Beautiful Island Of Samoa

14 Jan

This summer, why not escape into the idyllic island of Samoa, with its sparkling ocean waters and lush forest, and startlingly bright coral reefs? Even though it has some undeniable natural beauty and is home to many exotic flora and fauna, the island of Samoa has not seen limelight as a tourist destination as its more famous neighboring countries Hawaii and New Zealand. But as it is not a tourist hotspot unlike the other two, and is relatively untarnished by frequent tourism, which often depletes the natural beauty of a spot. The beaches have not yet been subjected to abject ‘’modernization’’ to lure more tourists so you can expect to relish one of the last remnants of authentic Polynesian culture. The beautiful island of Samoa boasts of a lot more tourists attractions than mere sun and sand fun. Beside having the classic sun kissed pristine beaches and warm, turquoise ocean, it also has vividly colored coral reefs, lush evergreen rain forests etc. Besides sea bathing and building sand castles there are many entertaining activities you can enjoy like , go on a Malua turtle feeding tour, explore the stunning Sauniatu Waterfall, , take a dip in the cave pool at Le Pupu-Pue National Park, visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum which contains the legendary author’s personal artifacts. go snorkeling , swimming and diving in the strikingly beautiful Palolo Deep National Marine Rese. Thus you will be spoilt for choice if you are on a Samoa holiday.

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Samoa won’t disappoint the foodie in you, there is not a dearth of delicious food which will tantalize your taste buds, yet be easy on the stomach and not add inches to your waist. Once you sample the local delicacies, you might be loath to return to your regular diet! You can feast on fresh veggies, lobsters, fishes that have been freshly caught and prepared from scratch. For dessert fruits like papaya would be served. Those of you who are on a diet or plain health conscious rejoice as no oils or fats are used in Samoan dishes. Generally meat is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed or left to simmer to ensure that the natural flavor of the meats is preserved , as well as remaining perfectly healthy.

If you are concerned about accommodation there are some good news , as there are some clean hygienic and affordable hotels in Samoa, which are located near the airport as well as the ferry terminal to Savaii. If you are exhausted after a prolonged sojourn in a plane and wanting comfortable lodgings where you can unwind for the night you can opt for these hotels. They are not luxurious like five star resorts, but they do offer comfortable fan/air conditioned rooms which have insect proof windows, delicious home cooked meals and safe bathing in the sea from privately owned jetties. . Indoor amenities like a games room with a billiard board, fully stocked bar and outdoor amenities like kayaks are readily available promptly.

So you can look forward this year to an entertaining, relaxing yet affordable holiday at Samoa.

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